About Us

Ak Broad Casters is only for people that need a robux free generator online. Our team don’t want to see people beg anyone for resource.
We use reliable means to give you what you need.
Don’t contact us with law suit or message to shut down. What we do is very genuine and cost us some money within roblox platform.

If you see any generator here, then you know that we purchase e-card codes. We display it to a random user daily. So, no matter the exact amount you pick, you will get what amount we have for that day.
But if you see an earning panel, then we will give you robux based on offers you complete.
How? Every member that performs a survey will earn the actual game currency. When you redeem, we will send it to you through group fund transfer option.

Like we said earlier, what you see here is legit. So, start off this platform if you think we are bad guys. You should read this many times to understand if you are confused.

If you encounter any problem regarding what we offer, just contact us. You should go to the appropriate page to do that.